What is a profile collage?

A profile collage is a great way to draw attention to images on your instagram profile.

The collage is just one image split across multiple posts, so that your image takes up a much larger area in your instagram profile.

Example collage
A 3x3 collage

Check out more example collages on the home page.

How do I post my collage?

The collage is posted starting with the image at the bottom right of the grid and ending with the image at the top left.

If you used the 'Download All' button after generating your collage, we've already numbered the image files in the correct order for you. Start with post-1--...jpg and go from there.

How do I get my collage featured on profilecollage.com?

Just fill in your Instagram username once you've generated your collage. We'll message you on Instagram if we feature you.

How much does it cost?

It's free!

Why did you make it?

Check out our blog post on that very question.

How did you make it?

We have a blog post on that too!

This is great, can you build some software for me?

We'd love to!

Get in touch team@addjam.com.

Read more about us on the Add Jam website.